Back for more punishment.

GDT Life of Pee: Revenge of the Clones. Blackhawks vs Tennessee Dorp Barons. GO HAWKS!!

Dorp translation: It's Star Wars, Dorp! That means Princess Amidala...Natalie Portman!
As I do ponder o’er the galaxy,
Rememb’ring thee, hence shall my worries jet.
To know I have thy love doth set me free,
Thou art a feast that doth mine hunger whet.
Love hath no evil dark side—never, nay,
Love, like a sprite, doth dance upon the heart,
Love, like a blaster shot, doth fire convey,
Love is an actor in a perfect part.
O love, let us make haste to Tatooine,
For yonder love doth wait on our behest.
My thoughts of thee run rampant, near obscene,
I cherish thy devotion, well express’d.
No laser or lightsaber do I fear,
Thy love shall answer all: thou hast no peer. Yes, it's a Star Wars Shakespeare Generator. GO HAWKS!!