Back for more punishment.

2015∙12∙31 2015 SCC @ Patrick's Affliction: The death of the teenager standing on his own. Why did he bother?


And so it ends. Another arbitrary marker in our constant trip around the sun bids us close out the memories from the completing trip and plan better accomplishments for the next one. Hard to do better for some groups of people, Hawks fans being one of them. Our team did the best it could and, ultimately, the best any team could. They faced real adversity and handled it about as well as anyone could really expect. Better yet, the likelihood that they'll see equally severe problems in 2016 is low.

On the ice, the team sits in a position not unlike the last team faced this time last year. They've less experience to be sure, but 2010 proved experience isn't everything. Sometimes you need a core of players that know how to win. Of that, the Blackhawks have no shortage. Could be another great year. Here's to starting it with the most positives.


inspiration: none
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