Back for more punishment.

2015♦02♦11 - Ve Believes in Nossing: Stomp on it and Squoosh It. Blackhawks vs. Blackfish. GO HAWKS!!



Vids Stolen Edition Blackhawks Bingo Rules

  1. Get Your card here: Today’s Bingo Card
  2. Screenshot your card and post it in thread below
  3. Watch game and listen/look/smell for phrases
  4. Mark phrases on your card as you see/hear/feel them
  5. You may want to post uncommon phrases when you experience them to avoid conflicts
  6. First person/menno to post picture of winning bingo card wins (duh)
  7. Cheaters will be ex-communicated and expelled to the lowest level of hell…which is still here for now, but Twitter is making a play for it.

Screenshot How-to

  • Click link in Step 1 to get random card
  • Resize the browser so that only the card is visible (make sure complete card is visible)
  • *Windows Users* hit alt+Print Screen to copy card to clipboard
  • Open photo or image program you know (Photoshop, Paint, Word, Outlook, etc.)
  • Paste image into a new photo/over old photo (ctrl-v) and save image
  • Post your card in Bingo thread by attaching the image to a comment
  • Keep your browser with your card open as you can magically mark it off as you go
  • *Mac Users* - Follow Windows instructions but do whatever it is Mac users do for that crap..whatever I don’t care

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