Back for more punishment.

2015•02•18 - Robert James Ritchie Doublewide Trash Crash Bash: Blackhawks vs Zetter-sucking Bab-cocking Walkom-licking Fuck Assholes. GO HAWKS KILL THESE SELF RIGHTEOUS INSUFFERABLE RELAPSING PINK SOCKS!!The Minutiae & MundaneTime: 6:30 PM CSTTV: NBCSN, TVARadio: WGN 720Blackhawks BuzzClichés from the mouth of QThe bank that owns Detroit from the foreclosure jams a few more clichés into the mixAnd then there are these guys. These guys are always like trading real estate for cut-rate Crackor even trading their mothers for real estateGleemonex. You know…Brain Candy. Hockey stuff.You know the rules: Get yer Pageviews! cards here

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