Back for more punishment.

2015•02•26The Minutiae & MundaneTime: 6:30 PM CSTTV: CSN-CH, FSFLRadio: WGN 720Blackhawks BuzzSome of the maths and Game NotesThings according to Shawn Thornton and some other much less important peopleAnd then there are these guys. These guys are always like “ha ha we have Bolland and you don’t”or even no Hawks practice or morning skate since last game so no vidGleemonex. You know…Brain Candy. Hockey stuff.No Rat, no should-have-been savior tonight (and some other dude)Got a bunch of money? Here’s something you can do with it!The story behind some Q-ismsTeuvo’s even more ready this time aroundKuc ranks the NHL arenasA trade appears! It’s largely harmless.Here we all go again:

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