Back for more punishment.

Fri Feb 6, 2015 - CHI (2) - WPG (1) OT


The Intro and First 30 games I hope explain this project. Here is the individual game data:


- Hawks only put 18 of their 30 Quality Attempts on net.  That is compared to the Jets who manufactured 19 shots on 21 attempts.  Hutchinson’s past success against them might have had something to do with that.

- Because of the lack of getting shots on net, the Hawks had 6 less quality and 3 less outside shots than normal. Though they limited the Jets to 1 less Primary shot than normal they gave up 4 more secondary shots than they are used to.  They did limit the Jets in outside shots, however.

- As a consequence, the Hawks expected save percentage was .901 and the Jets save percentage was .941.  So Crawford was 46 points higher than expected and Hutchinson was only 4 points higher.  So good game by Crow to help keep the Hawks in it.

- Which means the game could easily have been 2-1 against in 5o5 play if not for Crows higher than expected save performance.

Defense creating attempts against in the HP area

- Keith had another tough night as he was a -2.  He was beaten wide by a defenseman in this game.

- Every other defenseman except Hammer was a -1.  Rundblad’s led to a goal.  He mishandled the pass and then was checked off the puck.  Neither was particularly awe inspiring.  It was the lack of effort to get back into the play, however, that I believe drew the ire of his coach.  He didn’t play much after that goal.  And that goal was very early in the first.

- Richards was a -2 on the defensive side.  Carcillo’s minus came while playing F1 low in the defensive zone.  He got knocked off his guy giving a defensemen two guys to cover.

- Shaw’s turnover in the defensive zone directly led to a Quality Attempt against.

Offense creating attempts for in the HP area

- Richards made a nice pass to a “shot out of a cannon” Kane for a breakaway goal.

- If the guy’s Teuvo keeps setting up could put their shots on net, Teuvo might actually have another assist or two.  Teuvo was +2 on two misses this game.

- Saad and Hossa creating a chance each by a pass to the other.  Smith deked a guy to get inside the dot for a Quality Shot.

- Sharp’s and Kane’s chances were both missed by the guys they passed to.

Not a great game in Shot Quality for the Hawks but a win is a win.

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