Back for more punishment.

Sun Feb 15, 2015 - PIT (1) - CHI (2) SO



- Sea of red this game.  Hawks lost Quality Attempts in the Primary Area in all three periods.  And they lost the Secondary Area Attempts in the first two periods.  So overall they were -5 In Quality Attempts for the game.

- Both teams had the same number of Attempts but the Penguins turned them into 4 more Shots. 

- Hawks ended up with 3 less Quality Shots and gave up 4 more Secondary Shots than normal.  So they ended up with 2 less shots and gave up 6 more shots overall than normal.

- Being even during 5o5 was better than expected as the Penguins could have had another goal based on the Quality of Shots.

- Both goalies were below on the rounding error so MAF was 23 points above his expected save percentage and Crawford was 46 points above his.  Crawford really helped keep the Hawks in this game as the Penguins defense really limited the quality of the Hawks attempts.

Defense creating attempts against in the HP area

- Tough game for Kane as he had a turnover in the defensive end that directly led to a Quality Chance and he was playing F1 and his guy won the rebound and lone 5o5 goal against.

- The Cumiskey/Richards pairing looked pretty scary to me defensively and that tandem gave up two Quality Chances against.

- Hammer was a minus 2 and one of them was when he was beaten by Malkin on a pretty play.

- Smith was also -2 though a little unfair as he was all over his guy on one attempt and the other was during the play where Rosi was interfered with.

Offense creating attempts for in the HP area

- Shaw was the only Hawk that created 2 chances and one of them was the nice steal in the offensive zone.

- Besides Shaw, Hossa was the only Hawk that created a Quality Chance skating.  He beat his guy to the inside in the second.

- Toews and Smith were the only two Hawks to create net front presence plays.  Kruger,  Versteeg and Keith were the only Hawks to generate attempts from passes.

Overall the Hawks lost the Quality Attempts battle so it was nice to come away with 2 points from this one.

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