Back for more punishment.

Last 10 Games

Just wanted to show the last 10 Games data compared to the season data.

- This is the last 10 games compared to the 1st 50.  Hawks have lost almost a Primary Attempt a game in the last 10 games compared to the 1st 50.  And they were getting almost 2 more Secondary Attempts per game than their opponents.  In the last 10 games they are giving up 1 more per game.  So overall they have 3 less shots and are giving up 2 more which pretty much eliminates their advantage in overall attempts.

- Hawks don’t seem to be working as hard in the 1st period and that is where they are losing that Primary Attempt.  And they seem to be giving up a couple of extra outside shots.

- The last 10 games the Hawks have been losing the second period in Quality Attempts.  They do appear to be fighting back a little more in the 3rd though.

- Looking at shots shows the Hawks have been getting fewer of their overall shots in the Home Plate area compared to their season average.  And they are getting two less shots in the HP area and giving up one more secondary shot.

- Goals wise they have been giving up the extra goal 5o5 and not scoring that extra goal.

- This is the 1st 10 game stretch where the actual Hawks 5o5 save percentage was lower than the expected.  This is because the Hawks are giving up more lower quality opportunities compared to normal.

Overall these numbers show that the Hawks have been struggling offensively as well as defensively and have not had the goalie performance they were getting earlier to help bail them out.

Defensive Attempts

- Here is a quick look at my current numbers.  I think Keith has come back from his January doldrums.  Seabrook has had a couple of bad games lately.  I still don’t get the Rosi/Oduya hate as Rundblad gives up more chances in less playing time than either of those two guys.

- The issue to me lately is playing Toews/Richards as the top two defensive centers.  Richards seems to have problems with that.  That is why I think the Hawks should be looking for another checking line winger to give more of that responsibility to the Kruger and the Hawks 4th line.

- The only other glaring issue seems to be Saad defensively on the top line.  Not surprised that Saad has been moved down and others given a chance there.

Offensive Attempts

- Saads was leading the team in chances but has regressed slightly in this interval of games.  Hossa hasn’t had as many power moves but he has been scoring so I don’t think anyone will notice.

- Toews and Kane are giving you about the same number of chances, Richards maybe even one or two more.  

- Bickell is the only one in the bottom 6 that is stepping up his game as he is generating chances at around 1.5 times his season rate.  Kruger, Smith and Shaw have dropped maybe in half their season rates.

- There hasn’t been a lot of offense created solely from the defensemen as the stretch pass has seriously dried up.

Overall it has been a really tough stretch and these numbers reflect it.

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