Back for more punishment.

Sun Feb 8, 2015 - CHI (4) - STL (2)


The Intro and First 30 games I hope explain this project. Here is the individual game data:


- Hawks had one extra secondary shot in the first but gave up four more primary attempts in the second.  They were even in the 3rd to lose overall quality attempts to the Blues.  And the Hawks had six less outside attempts to lose the overall attempts, as well.

- Hawks were four primary shots below and gave up one more primary shot against than their season average.  They had one less secondary shot than their average as well.  Blues also had two more outside shots than the Hawks are used to giving up.

- Hawks managed to get that second goal 5o5 which rounded up the fraction of expected goals.

- So Crawford basically met the Hawks expected save percentage but the extra goal Elliot gave up meant the blues were 36 points below their expected number.

Defense creating attempts against in the HP area

- I had Hammer a minus 4 this game.  He was beaten skating twice that led to both shots and rebound shots.  The second one ended up in a goal.  Not sure if Seabrook should have followed the 2nd guy behind the net or not.  Toews couldn’t get there as he rotated to help in front of the net from the previous shot.  Anyway, I also gave Hammer another one for the poor line change that was pointed out by that little dude behind the glass.

- Seabrook was deked badly to the inside after Hossa was beaten wide.

- Rundblad was beaten in the corner that resulted in a wrap around attempt.

-  Rosi had his guy but his guy still managed to get at least a shot off for that play.  Tough game at least compared to some of the other plays.

- I gave Hossa the flag on the other goal against.  Hawks wingers were in a line change when Oduya pinched and Saad joined him.  Hossa didn’t recognize that the Dman abandoned the point until it was to late.  Again, tough game.

Offense creating attempts for in the HP area

- I didn’t have the Hawks for a single Quality Attempt generated from a passing play.  The closest was Carcillo skating down the loose puck and passing to Kruger but that was still a 1o1 if Carcillo hadn’t also joined the rush.  In any event that play resulted in the 1st 5o5 goal.

- Toews made a nice deke on Oshie who was attempting to cover for a D-man.  Sharp burst up ice with a speed rush.  And Saad the other rush from the neutral zone.

- I had Smith for a net front rebound and Bickell for a high slot rebound that resulted in the other 5o5 goal.

Hawks didn’t really outplay these guys 5o5 but they held serve enough 5o5 to win on the lone power play goal.  And empty netters help pad the stats.

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