Back for more punishment.

Fri Feb 13, 2015 - NJD (1) - CHI (3)



- Halfway through the game the Hawks were getting slightly outplayed in Quality Chances.  So the Hawks lost the 1st, manged to win the 2nd and then dominated the 3rd.

- Because of the 3rd period, the Hawks ended up with their normal amount of overall shots but 4 more of them were in the Primary Scoring area.

- From all of those Quality Chances the Hawks could have had 2 or even 3 goals.  Hawks did manage to win the rounding error so they only gave up 1.  So even with the weak goal given up, Crawford ended up 17 points above his expected save percentage. 

- With all those shots in the Primary Area, the Hawks lowered the Devils expected save percentage to .903.  That meant Schneider was 60 points above his expected save percentage for the game.

Defense creating attempts against in the HP area

- Rundblad was beaten inside which resulted in giving up two Quality Chances, probably the best chances the Devils had.

- Seabrook was minus two on two difficult plays.  One he was all over the guy but the shot still ended up on net.

- Kane came off the bench late giving up a 2o1.  No idea if that was on him or the coaches but he gets the ding.

- Versteeg got a minus on a play were he was the only forward to initially come back.  They were heading off for a line change.  Hammer was late on that change, as well, but Seabrook managed to get back into the play.  Tough to give that one to Versteeg but sometimes this tracking penalizes the more dedicated defensive player.

Offense creating attempts for in the HP area

- Hartman had a nice game as the hit and 3 shots on goal also included a nice setup pass to Bickell.  He also won a rebound in front of the net for another chance.

- Toews created two chances with nice setups and won a rebound in front of the net for the goal.

- Kane was also +3 with two nice skating plays and the third could have been another but Kane ended up passing it to Versteeg for a closer attempt.

- Versteeg and Saad were both +2. Shaw created 1 chance and Cumiskey made a stretch pass for another.

Hawks woke up in the 3rd to win the Quality Chances and the game.

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