Back for more punishment.

Sun Feb 22, 2015 - BOS (6) - CHI (2)


- Hawks actually had one more Primary Attempt than the Bruins for this game and won the outside shots, as well.  They lost the Secondary Attempts pretty big though.

- Hawks won the first period and got crushed in the second.  As Q said the second was painful to watch.  Hawks did come back in the third but score effect had a lot to do with that.

- With all the special teams time, there weren’t as many 5o5 shots as normal.  However, the Hawks had 1 more Primary Shot than is typical.  And the Hawks gave up 3 more shots in the Home Plate area than is usual.

- So the ratio of Quality Shots to Overall shots was higher than normal.

-  The expected goals was 1.91 to 2.13 which shows a game that should have been considerably closer than it was. 

- What the Expected Save Differential shows is that both teams struggled to limit Quality Chances compared to overall shots.  And in fact, the Hawks defense was slightly better than the Bruins defense 5o5.  It was the difference in the two goalies as Rask was 45 points higher than expected while the two Hawks goalies were a combined 81 points lower.

- What I have here are two numbers for Crawford’s performance.  The first shows his overall 5o5 save percentage for the game.  The second shows the same performance minus the first goal.  That first goal was terribly defended and Crawford really had no chance on it at all. 

The thing is the Hawks defense settled down after that first goal and performed for the rest of the time Crawford was in net at the rate they have averaged for the season.  So while Crawford could be excused for the first goal, his overall performance really can’t be blamed on the defense alone.  

And especially when compared to Rask’s performance behind an equally suspect defensive effort from the Bruins.  And even Raanta was 26 points higher than the .908 expected number while he was in net.

- This is the shooting percentages of the Hawks opponents for the Season compared to the last two games.  Hawks have kept opponents to a 1.67% shooting percentage for outside the Home Plate area shots.  The last two games that shooting percentage is 10 times higher than normal.

And the shooting percentage in front of the net is more than double the norm.  Basically Crawford has had a couple of really bad games.

Defense creating attempts against in the HP area

- This is ugly.  And this was by far the hardest game to figure out what exactly the Hawks were doing on many of these defensive plays.  Hawks were all over the place and often not where I was expecting them to be.  So my confidence in my accuracy for this game is considerably lower than normal.

- I had Seabrook as a -4 and to be honest it could be more than that.  I had Kruger as a -3 and both Rundblad and Rosi as a -2.  Rundblad made a play where he turned the puck over to nobody in particular in the Offensive Zone and the puck still beat him back to his own blueline.  There was another play where Rundblad’s guy moved over to Rosi’s side for a shot.  I gave that one to Rosi simply because Rundblad made so little effort that he had to have switched and given the guy to his D-pair.

- I gave the first goal against to Rosi as he couldn’t tie up the stick of the goal scorer.  But Keith could have gotten the flag for letting his guy beat him wide.  Or Crawford for allowing a puck through his crease without a pokecheck.  Or even Bickell for such a poor attempt as F1 to stand up the puck carrier before reaching Keith.  It was a really bad play all around.

-  Shaw as F3 went low and did a fly by behind the Bruins goal as the puck was going in the opposite direction for an odd man advantage against.

- Hammer had a poor line chance as did Versteeg but that could have been on Saad as he wasn’t any better on the play.

- I gave the Lucic goal to Saad as F1 for the initial one timer responsibility.  Saad didn’t follow Lucic to the net but Rosi already had a guy so I think he should have.  In any event it wasn’t a very good effort from any of the three Hawks involved in the play.

- The other play was Carcillo as a winger going too low to reach a long rebound.

Offense creating attempts for in the HP area

- I will say Hossa was one of the few Hawks that looked like he was trying until the very end.  I had Hossa, Kane and Bickell +2 each.

- There really wasn’t a lot of net front presence this game which is disappointing considering how much Q emphasized it’s absence in the previous game.

- Also been an absence of skating plays as Saad and Kane were the only ones to register those for the game.

- So Hossa’s two and Toews, Richards and Bickell were the only ones credited with passing plays.

This was a really ugly game made much worse by a really poor goalie performance.

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