Back for more punishment.

2015•02•15 - Big Words for Little Birds: Sphenisciform Deindustrialization. Blackhawks vs. Bettman Blowjobs. GO HAWKS!!The place we were using for bingo seems to be dead. I found the source of Bingo source code, though, so we should be fine. It looks a little different, but functions better, though I did see it giving out a blank square every now and then.and just because:The Minutiae & MundaneTime: 11:30 AM CSTTV: NBC, TVA, CITY Radio: WGN 720Blackhawks BuzzClichés from the mouth of QThe Pens Squawk Box jams a few more clichés into the mixAnd then there are these guys. These guys are always like adorably trying to serve you cucumber sandwichesYou know the rules. Get yer Bingo Cards Here!

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